You must not ignore Canarian food and the restaurants of Tenerife under any circumstances. The typical meals of the island will already charm you by only smelling them. The traditional island cooking is based on fresh excellent fish, meat, vegetables and fruitmeals.
Fish is of an excellent quality in Tenerife. Itīs always fresh and the chefs know at least 100 different ways to cook it. In oliveoil, marinated with vinagre and pepper, on the b.b.q. or in the oven; we are sure you will find your own favourite meal and this not only once. The best fish on Tenerife is probably the Vieja, a local Canarian fish. Of course we also find the typical fish plates such as sardines or the Chicharro, another local fish, that gave the people of Tenerife the nickname of Chicharerros.

Of course you can also find international dishes from all around the world.

Now we would like to introduce you to a selection of very good traditional, but also newer restaurants. Some restaurants in Tenerife sometimes seem very simple and rather rural but the food is excellent and thats what makes those restaurants so pleasant and charming.

Restaurante Asador Neke - Frente Aeroprt. del Norte - La Laguna Tel.: +34 922 257 166
Was rebuilt into a modern restaurant but is still very charming. The restaurant surprises its customers every day with some excellent meals. The specialities are: Salad, Fish, Meat and Seafood. The service is very professional and friendly.

Bodeguita Canaria - C/ Imeldo Serís, 18 - S/C de Tenerife, Tel.: +34 922 293 216
The restaurant is famous for its traditional Canarian meals. Their most famous plates are probably Canarian rabbit in sauce, Tortilla and Fish. They offer an excellent choice of local wines.
Opening hours: Mon. - Fr. 12 h - 16:30 and 19h - 23.30 Sam. 20 h - 24 h

El Coto de Antonio - General Goded 13 - S/C de Tenerife, Tel.: +34 922 272105
El Coto de Antonio offers an excellent combination of Basque and Canarian cuisine. The restaurant is situated in the heart of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. We recommend the black potatoe salad with paprika and bacalao (fish) ischer Küche.
Opening hours: 13 h - 16 h and 20 h - 24 h

Casa del Vino La Baranda - Autop. Norte. Km 21 - El Sauzal - Tel.: +34 922 563 886
This restaurant is specialized in the traditional as well as the new Canarian cuisine. The meals are exclusively prepared with fresh vegetables from the market. We are sure you wonīt forget this incredible experience.
Opening hours: Di. - Sat. 13 h - 16 h and 20 h - 23 h Sun. and Festivities 13 h - 16 h

Casa Pancho - Playa La Arena - Santiago del Teide - Tel.: +34 922 861 323

Casa Pancho existiert seit über 40 Jahren. Es verfügt über einen sehr gemütlichen und grossen Speisesaal und ein Terrasse mit Meerblick. Der Ideale Platz für Fisch und Meerestiere. Auch ist das Restaurant für seine hausgemachten Nachspeisen berühmt. Wir empfehlen einen kühlen Weisswein aus dem Hauseigenen Weinkeller.

Restaurante Lucas Maes - Barranco La Arena, 53 - La Orotava - Tel.: +34 922 321 159
Ein Restaurant mit spektakulärer Aussicht auf den Teide und die Nordküste der Insel. Natürlich überzeugt es auch durch seine exkuisiten Speisen auf der Karte. öffnungszeiten: Mon. - Do. 18.30 - 23.30 Fri. - Sam. 12:30 - 15:30 und 18:30 - 23:30