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The landscape of Tenerife is thanks to its natural beauty and diversity hard to compare to any other island. Green hills, breathtaking cliffs, moonlike landscapes and beautiful beaches make this island to the paradise it is. The all year round warm climate and the nice people make Tenerife even more perfect.
If you are planning on making a sightseeing tour on the island we recommend you not to do it in one day and to divide the island in two parts; north and south.


You will realize that many places you are visiting on Tenerife are quite unique and unforgettable. Impressive cliffs in the Teide National Park, bizarre landscapes, or the colourful rocks just seem so strange and at the same time overwhelming to a lot of us.

The Natural Reserve of the Teide has a size of more than 19'000 square kilometres and is situated on a minimum height of 1650 m. The park was opened in 1954 and named after the volcano Teide itself, which is the highest (3178 m) mountain of Spain. In winter time the tip of the mountain is mostly covered in snow and gives the scenery a very exotic touch. In winter time you can also observe the ice crystals that build up on the rocks and plants. The best way to visit the park is to go to the visitors centre of El Portillo, where you can also find any kind of information and start your tour from there. If you donīt want to walk all the way to the top of the mountain, you can also take a cable car on 2356 m that brings you up to the top on 3.055 m where you will enjoy a spectacular view.

The city of La Laguna is under monumental protection and has got a lot of historic and cultural history. Also the oldtown of La Orotava and Lago Martianez, who was built by the artist Cesar Manrique is a must for all visitors.

Of course you should also visit Tenerife`s landmark the Drago Tree in Icod de los Vinos. With its altitude of 14 m and its width of 12 m it is the biggest and at the same time the oldest (around 500 years old) one on the island. Even though it does not look that fresh anymore, itīs definitely worth a visit.

Other sites worth to visit:La Punta de Teno with its dry landscape and beautiful coastline, Garachico with its incredible natural pools and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital of course.


The white sand beaches of the south invite you to relax and forget about your daily life. They are differentiated easily from the black sand beaches in the north. You should absolutely visit El Medano, which is ideal for windsurfing. Also the beaches of Las Americas, Tenerifeīs biggest tourist centre with its endless sports and leisure activities, are worth a visit. In Los Gigantes you can visit one of the biggest leisure ports of the island, at the same time base of many excursions. The cliffs of los Gigantes are quite impressive too and well worth a visit; even for people who are used mountains. And donīt forget under any circumstances, to visit the village La Masca.

If you are interested in the history of the island, we are sure you wouldnīt mind a guided tour through the old town of La Laguna the probably most beautiful town of the island, which was put under monumental protection by the UNESCO. The tour starts in the museum itself, where you will learn about the cultural and social development of the island. After the museum the group of a maximum of 30 people will be guided through the oldtown and a professional guide will explain you everything about history, architecture and culture. We are sure that this tour will bring you Tenerife a lot closer. More information and details in the Historical Museum of Tenerife, Tel.: +34 922 825 943.