Public Buses

In 1884 the bus society was founded. Their first car with a maximum of 5 clients was pulled by only one horse and the first passage went from Santa Cruz to La Laguna. Some months later, the passage was a full success and two new cars were bought and this time they were even closed and drove daily twice the distance in between La Laguna and Santa Cruz.
Nowadays the buses, also called guaguas, are the probably cheapest way of transport on the island and the network includes the whole island and you get almost anywhere by bus.
If you want to use the bus regularly, a Bono-Bus card could be saving you some money. You can get card in any TITSA busstation and it costs in between 12 and 30 euros.
You will find the timetables and maps of the busnetwork at any busstation. You can also download them as a PDF file by clicking one the following hyperlinks, that connect you directly with TITSA.
Estación de Guaguas
de Santa Cruz
Tel.: +34 922 531 300
Fax.: +34 922 531 300