In Santa Cruz and La Laguna you will find all kind of national and international boutiques and shops in the Calle del Castillo, the Rambla de Pulido and also in the Calle Jesús Nazareno and Sabino Berthelot.
All around the historic part of La Laguna you will find interesting businesses with very attractive shopping possibilities. In Puerto de la Cruz you will find the main shopping areas in the following roads and places: Plaza del Charco, Calle de San Felipe, La Hoya and Avenida Generalísimo.

You will find the traditional arts and crafts businesses all around the island. Their products are typical for Tenerife and are made in a traditional way. Most of the craftsmen still use traditional tools to make their products. We are sure, that you will find many attractive and interesting products of the island in those shops.

For the pottery the people still use the same techniques, as the Guanches did some 600 years ago. Wood carvings, ceramics, baskets or artful manufactured embroideries are some typical Canarian crafts. Of course we may not forget the Canarian Cigars(Puros), which have become more and more famous every year.

In the Indian Bazars we find any kind of electronic devices such as digital cameras, Mp3 players and more. In addition they sell decoration, porcelan and oriental carpets. In those shops you can make really good deals but you should however exactly know the product you want to buy and its price, before entering a shop. In Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the largest part of these Bazars are located in the Calle de Villalba Hervás, El Castillo, Bethencourt Alfonso or San José; as well as around the Plaza de España and the Plaza de la Candelaria. Most of the businesses are open all day long. Naturally you will also find those Bazars in Puerto de La Cruz and Las Americas with a similar offer.

In the Shopping Centres of the island you will find a great offer of: Foods, sportshops, national and international boutiques, cafes and restaurants. The biggest Shopping Centres you will find close to La Laguna, Santa Cruz and La Orotava:

Shopping Centre Continente

Autopista del Sur TF1 Km 5.900. Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Shopping Centre La Laguna

Autopista del Norte Km. 7,500 - entre La Laguna y Santa Cruz

Shopping Centre La Villa

Autopista del Norte TF5 salida 36 La Orotava

Shopping Centre Meridiano

Avda. La Salle esq. Manuel Hermoso Rojas, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Of course you will also find a couple of Markets, which have a great tradition on the island. Here you will find anything from fruits to art or even clothes and shoes; be aware of fake products. Those markets open as follows:

Rastro de Santa Cruz

Avda. Jose Manuel Guimerá, neben dem Marktplatz. Opening hours: Sunday mornings.

Los Cristianos

In front of the Gran Hotel Arona. Opening hours: Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Playa de Las Américas

In the Barranco de Troya. Opening hours: Dailly from 8 p.m. except Thursdays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.